Campo de Encanto

Campo de Encanto Pisco is the grand eau de vie of the Tropics, a hand-harvested, single distilled beauty culled from one hundred percent grapes and over four hundred years of tradition. After distillation, the Pisco is kept fresh and clear in neutral tanks for several years before final blending and release. Aged only by the Peruvian sunlight, Encanto maintains a Solera for each of its three expressions, and the result is wholly unique: with over forty eau de vies in each blend, and an average age of three years, three months, Campo de Encanto Pisco is the oldest white spirit in the world.


Pisco is the direct descendant of Spanish-Arabic distillation, appearing and tasting how Brandy de Jerez was before Columbus sailed the ocean blue, and barrels came into vogue for the international transportation of spirits. Pisco in Peru stands tall as the living legacy of the world's first potable spirit: an unaged single-distilled grape eau-de-vie.


Pisco was imported into California in 1830, well before the Gold Rush. Then, Pisco found a foothold and gave birth to the infamous Pisco Punch--the cocktail that made Mark Twain lose his cynicism and Rudyard Kipling seek poetic words to match the lyric in the liquid. What followed in Lima was the Pisco Sour, the National Cocktail of Perú. At Manhattan's newest cocktail hotspot, Pouring Ribbons, Proprietor and Mixologist Joaquin Simo keeps Encanto in the speed rail: "Beyond employing Encanto in the usual Sours and Punches, Pouring Ribbons seeks out Encanto for its viscosity and charming complexity in a variety of house-made cocktails."


Campo de Encanto has won the two highest awards for any Pisco: the Gran Medalla de Oro for the Best Pisco of Peru, and the National Pisco Sour Championship – delighting Peruvians on their native soil in Lima, Peru. Gemini will import all three of Encanto's expressions: the Grand & Noble (Acholado), and the two Distiller's Reserve Selections (Single Vineyard Quebranta and Single Vineyard Moscatel).


For more information about Campo de Encanto Piscos, visit www.encantopisco.com