Bull's Blood

The Wine of Legend

During a particularly fierce battle with Turks in the mid-16th century, the defenders of the Hungarian town of Eger drank large quantities of their strong local wine, giving them courage and strength to overcome their enemy. The deep red wine spilled from their cups, staining their beards and armor, reinforcing the rumor that their bloodthirsty look was due to consumption of Bikavér, the Hungarian word for “bull’s blood.” Fearing such fierce opponents, the Turks retreated, and the town was liberated. Today’s wine bears the image of a bull, a proud memento of the 16th century victory.


The Wine of Pleasure

Produced in accordance with centuries-old tradition, Egri Bikavér is still a blend of noble and indigenous varietals, aged up to two years in oak barrels in volcanic stone cellars. The fierceness, however, has been tempered, so today’s wine is a delicious, dry red wine, as elegant as it is robust. It is a perfect accompaniment to bold foods – game, roasts, steaks and all types of red meat dishes.


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