The name Fu-Ki translates as “Rich & Noble.”

Fu-Ki wines are produced in Japan by Godo Shusei Company Ltd., founded in 1924. Fu-Ki Plum wine and Sake are the quintessential representatives of Japanese culture. They are crafted using age-old traditional methods and the finest local ingredients. Sake can only be produced in the cold winter months, the time of the year most suitable to fermentation. The famed mineral-rich Miyamizu water used in the process is regarded as one of the best natural ingredients available. Fu-Ki sake can be served either warm or chilled.

Plum wine is made following a unique method cultivated for hundreds of years in Japan. The plums are picked at dawn and processed the same day to keep their dewy freshness and flavor which identifies Fu-Ki from all other wines. Its delicate, light and subtle flavor is equally delicious served straight, chilled or combined with other ingredients.


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