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Di Padrino Vermouth

Di Padrino Vermouth is crafted in Southern Italy adhering to a secret, 50 year old family recipe. Di Padrino, meaning "The Godfather" is made with premium wines, is then fortified and infused with herbs and spices, honoring the heritage for true Italian vermouth. This unique blend of herbs and spices provides an extraordinarily delicious and unique flavor.

Available in Rosso and Dry, Di Padrino Vermouth is excellent neat or on the rocks. It is also lovely in classic cocktails like Manhattans and Martini's as well as contemporary elixirs.

Di Padrino Rosso is burnt red in color. It is slightly sweet, with lively fruit flavors and an herbal finish. It is 16% Alc/VOL

Di Padrino Dry (Blanco) is pale yellow in color. It has delicate fruit notes with a dry, herbal finish. It is 16% Alc/VOL

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