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Aalborg Akvavit

Founded in the town of Aalborg in 1846, Aalborg Akavit has long been considered a great companion to Danish cuisine and traditions, and is the single most selling spirits brand in Denmark today.

As the most preferred akavit in Denmark, Aalborg Taffel has a distinct taste of caraway seeds with a subtle citrus taste at the finish. This spirit can be enjoyed ice-cold or next to a beer, and also works great in a Bloody Mary.

Aalborg Jubiaeums is one of the few aquavits made completely without caraway. This spirit is mild and delicate, with a refined dill and coriander taste. Enjoying Aalborg Jubiaeums chilled will bring out the gentle spice notes, or use it in place of gin to create a “Jubilaeum Tonic.”

For more information about Aalborg, visit www.aalborgakvavit.dk.

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